Industries Served

Industries Served

We meet our customers’ expectations by completely understanding their needs. Using leading edge technology and equipment, we rely on our team of qualified trained full-time personnel to administer our services.



The inspection of as-fabricated piping and pressure vessels, tanks and structural steel has been at the core of Diamond G Inspection’s services since its creation. Traditionally the industry required us to perform radiography using isotopes and film. Today, while radiography continues to be a staple technology for inspecting welds and components, we also provide a vast array of traditional and advanced methods of examination for all of your fabricated and manufactured products.



The Refining and Upgrading industry require inspectors with thorough knowledge of the locations where vibrations, water, salt, sulfur, sand, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide reduce equipment reliability. They also require an inspection company committed to projects that entail management of long-term inspection data to reduce the chance of failures and valuable downtime. Our management with over 30 years in the inspection business has the knowledge and expertise to help address your specific needs.

Offering services to the chemical process industries entails meeting their maintenance, shutdown and every day emergency requirements. Diamond G Inspection’s commitment to customer service allows us to address these daily requirements. Yet this requires the understanding that specialized chemical process equipment requires:

  • Understanding of mechanical and corrosion damage mechanisms that affect the equipment dependability.
  • Examine for such damage mechanisms with the use of specialized tools and procedures.
  • Having knowledgeable and committed personnel who are familiar with the customers equipment and their safety requirements.


Over the years, we have built strong relationships with many pipeline companies across the country. Diamond G Inspection is confident in providing you first-rate service; our technicians are educated and certified to work in the field, abide to the mandated procedures and use current equipment.

In constructing new pipelines, we implement radiographic inspections for welds on mainlines and tie-ins. As we provide services for the construction of new pipelines, we assess existing ones as well.

For existing pipelines, Diamond G Inspection utilizes Non-Destructive Testing to evaluate the pipeline for any inconsistencies and their causes while abiding by procedures and regulations that are approved by the pipeline industry.

Our business aims to serve in all aspects; from assisting in construction and maintenance, to preserving the quality and integrity.

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