Diamond G Inspection is a premier inspection resource for pipelines and transportation companies, refineries, chemical plants, and energy facilities. Clients will find that we go above and beyond expectations. Following the industry and the government standards, we cross traditional  inspection technologies which result in a greater operating safety environment
Diamond G Inspection provides a wide range of solutions to a wide range of industries. We are focused on providing our customers valuable information and solutions which, in turn, enables them to make cost effective decisions regarding the application of inspection techniques.

Diamond G Inspection maintains four locations in Texas: Houston area, Four Corners area of New Mexico (covering New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado) East Texas and South Texas. We have the ability to mobilize anywhere in the state and have extensive knowledge and experience in operations throughout the Southeast and Western United States. Diamond G Inspection provides on-site nondestructive testing; as well as in-house services, which include Radiographic Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Positive Material Identification, Visual Inspection and Fiber-Optic Borescope Inspection to list some of our services, with multi-certified technicians. Our skilled technicians are fully qualified and well experienced in pipeline and compressor station construction, relocation, rehabilitation, turn-around and shut-downs. Our Technicians can perform all inspection and non-destructive testing services, including on site, in shop, or in our in-house facilities. We are well equipped to perform any job and have established a track record of success in the NDT sector.

Here is a partial list of our equipment

    • 58 Mobile X-Ray Units (2 & 4 WD) fully equipped for on-site film processing and viewing
    • 2 X-Ray Machines external (spot)
    • 1 Digital Radiography System
    • 2 PMI Instruments
    • 55 Iridium 192 Projectors
    • 3 Portable Darkroom Buildings - fully equipped for on-site film placement during long-term station work
    • 60 Magnetic Particle Devices
    • 35 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
    • 6 Ultrasonic Shear Wave Instruments
    • 2 Fiber Optics (Boroscopes)
    • 4 Olympus Phased Array Ultrasonic Instruments
    • 18 Equotip Hardness Testers

    We are pleased to have the opportunity to do business with you and if there is any way we can further assist you please do not hesitate to contact Diamond G Inspection, Inc.